Sociology Series

Promoting Knowledge in Africa

Sociology Series

Editor: Elísio Macamo

Elísio Macamo is a sociologist by training, professor of African Studies, Director of the Centre for African Studies and Head of the Social Sciences Department at the University of Basel. His first major work was in the field of sociology of knowledge. He published “Was ist Afrika? Zur Geschichte und Kultursoziologie eines modernen Konstrukts” in 1999 (What is Africa? History and cultural sociology of a modern construct), a sociological inquiry into the meaning of the debate on whether there is an African philosophy. His interests developed into the sociology of risk with yet another publication “The Taming of Fate”, 2017, challenging received ideas about the irrelevance of the notion of risk to the study of so-called non-modern societies and suggesting a research programme on risk and uncertainty in Africa.

The Sociology Series invites African sociologists and social scientists to reflect on the role of sociology in contemporary Africa. The series draws from an understanding of sociology as a critical reflexion on how individuals not only perceive the context within which they act and engage with others, but also render the context visible. It aims at helping in the promotion of a distinctively African voice in the production of sociological knowledge contributing both towards a better understanding of African society as well as, through its theory and practice, to the theoretical, conceptual and methodological improvement of sociology in general. Manuscripts addressing key issues in sociological theory and methodology as applied to Africa are welcome

* Illustration : Le Veilleur, Denise Ndzakou, Feutres et acrylique sur toile, 55 x 46 cm, 2017

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